Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Return of a Pharaoh

A Return of a Pharaoh

By Gary L. Flowers

Executive Director & CEO

Black Leadership Forum, Inc.

May 31 – June 7, 2009

“Ethnically homogeneous, Africa’s civilizing role, even in pre-historic times, is increasing affirmed by the most distinguished scholars.”

Cheikh Diop, The African Origins of Civilization

Scholars agree that Ancient Africa by way of Kemet (Nubian and Egypt) was the cradle of world civilization, from the first democracies to the introduction of written language, science, mathematics, medicine, and art. Arguably, the United States of America has advanced civilization more than any other global dynasty.

It is therefore fitting that the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, a son of Kenya and Kansas, has returned to the Motherland and delivered a seminal speech promoting his platform for peace in the “Middle East.”

His Sankofa (return to the source) marks the return of a Pharaoh.

Upon taking the oath of office as president on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama became the most powerful man in world history. The most. America remains the most powerful global superpower in terms of military might and the delegation of democracy. As such, President Obama’s power exceeds the mighty men and women of African antiquity.

Nubia (land of gold) located in Upper Egypt is recorded to have operated from a 14,000 year-old calendar in the year 4236 B.C. The Ta-Seti Kingdom and other civilizations formed what is today Egypt. From records pieced together following the pillaging (Alexander) and destruction (Julius Caesar) of African libraries, Nubian civilization emerged around 3800 B.C. and produced powerful and remarkable leaders and kings (Pharaohs) who ruled the civilized world (most of Europe was in the uncivilized Barbarian Age, without written language.

For example, in the 1st Nubian Dynasty (recorded) King Narmer (Menes) unified Upper Egypt (now northern Sudan) and Lower Egypt (now southern Egypt) and declared Memphis to be its capital. In the 4th Dynasty, King Khufu (Cheops) built the Great Pyramids of Giza (near which President Obama delivered his speech). In the 11th Dynasty, King Mentuhotep II re-unified Egypt and moves capital to the City of Thebes which housed the Royal Library of Luxor. Also, in the 11th Dynasty King Senworset expanded Egyptian rule and established an Egyptian colony in Athens, Greece.

In the 18th Dynasty, Thutmose I further expanded Egyptian governance to Persia (now Iraq) and developed the world’s first written alphabet. Likewise, in the 18th Dynasty, Queen Hatshepsut became the first female Pharaoh. Later Akhenaton and his wife/co-Pharaoh Nefertiti introduced monotheologism (belief in one God) and the dual-gender system of government. After their mysterious deaths, King Tutankhamen (“The Boy King”) returned Egypt to polytheologism (belief in several Gods). In the 19th Dynasty, Ramses II, with his Queen Nefertari further developed literature and art, to be shared with the world.

Despite the enormous power ancient kings and queens, none have the amassed arsenal of military and mentality possessed by President Obama. Like his predecessors of power, President Obama governs by assembling the best and the brightest to advance national interests and the greater good. However, he does not abuse power for the few and the filthy rich, but rather understands that true power percolates upward from the people whose trust he must continually earn through political and policy accountability.

Collectively, policies put forth by President Obama I royally resemble the ancient African system of Ma’at in Nubia and Egypt. Under Ma’at, truth, justice, and righteousness were the tenets of Pharonic public policy. As he seeks to advance the coexistence of Palestinians and Israelis and stabilize the entire region, while right-siding domestic policy, the memory of Ma’at is essential. From discontinuing torture and exorbitant credit card fees to promoting educational excellence American policy formation is predicated is predicated on the greater good.

As the world once looked at African Kings as global leaders, people around the planet now are awed by the brilliance and fairness of a regal American president. Let justice reign.

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